Dryland Training for Skiing: Top Exercises

Top Dryland Training Exercises for Skiing, a 5 part series!

[ Dryland training for Skiing Part 1 Strength Endurance Exercises] Enjoy the slopes more and reduce your risk of injury by working on your strength before opening day at the ski hill.

This video focuses on the strength Dryland training you can do for Skiing, Including the only ski fitness exercises you’ll need to feel strong on the slopes. Love Skiing? If you want to ski winter, this dryland ski conditioning exercises will help you, ski dryland training, a great ski training workout, you’ll get ideas to do ski workout for legs, how to train for skiing, ski, ski fitness, ski fitness exercises, ski fitness equipment, WILDR fitness,

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Who is Alecia:
Alecia Williams is a High Performance Specialist through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. She was introduced to the mountains through her time spent as an elite ski racer, and built her skills as a strength and conditioning coach with a degree in kinesiology and working with elite athletes in Calgary, Alberta. She now enjoys recreating in the mountains every chance she can get. Her work with WILDR is focused on helping clients get physically prepared for the adventures of their lives- from mountaineering to trail running races, and everything in between.

We will be adding follow along workout videos as well. 


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