WILDR exists to serve the wild in all of us. We are passionate about helping you achieve your goals by combining the science and precision of the lab, with the adventure and grit of the wild.

Using our knowledge of exercise physiology and movement biomechanics, we empower you to train and play outside your comfort zone, getting you ready for the adventures of everyday life.

Wander Into WILDR and Join us

Our Guiding Principles:

Wondering why we do things the way we do? This is why!

  1. We believe the point of training is to increase your capacity to interact with the world around you. Working out here won’t mean you say no to a walk in the park, hike up a mountain, or soccer with your friends- It means you have more stoke to do it.
  2. Every workout we do is part of a larger progression, a bigger plan.
  3. We move every joint, every day, moving well before we add weight or intensity.
  4. We invite adventure and challenge into our workouts. We train outside (even in the wind), but we are not ‘hardcore.’
  5. We welcome everyone; our community is built on smiles and hellos as much as it is built on lifting weights and climbing mountains. Health is a family matter, and the whole family is always welcome.
  6. We take pride in SW Alberta, this place, and our health. Our actions show it!

Want to try out the barn gym? Come in for a complimentary intro session 

We offer personalized fitness programming, and outdoor adventure races at our stunning location in SW Alberta., and online. Whether you are attending one of our training camps, taking part in one of our 8 week programs, receiving personalized programming, or running in our WILDR Rough Runner weekend at Castle Mountain Resort, we are your one stop shop for wild-fit-fun. Welcome, Let’s get WILDR!


About Alecia Williams

Alecia is certified through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology as a CPT with the High-Performance Specialisation. She is a graduate of the Kinesiology program at the University of Calgary and completed an Internship at the Canadian Sports Institute in Calgary before moving just North of Waterton National Park, in Alberta.

Her experience as an elite ski racer gave her practical knowledge of training, and she focused her degree on learning the ins and outs of energy and muscle systems so she can create programs and workouts that prepare you for a specific event while helping reduce your injury risk.

She uses the Adventure-Ready-Model, a method of periodization that has helped hundreds of clients prepare for outdoor adventures of all kids, to develop programs specifically for recreational athletes. From Mountaineers, to rock climbers, to ultra runners and mountain bikers, WILDR is the perfect place for her to combine her passion for outdoor adventure with her knowledge of periodization.

Currently, she is enjoying training for 50km trail runs this fall, after finding the podium in trail running races last fall.