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Southern Alberta Mountain | WILDR Fitness

Do you want to get more from your workouts?

When was the last time you looked at the thoughts you have about working out?

Whether you're training for a specific race or feel like you're stuck in your workout routine, it's often our mindset that prevents us from reaching success.


Do you feel like you start and stop fitness programs or jump from one fitness program to another?

Do you do really well after finishing a fitness program and then totally fall off the map?

Do you find that no matter how you try, your body and fitness levels don't change?

Then this three-day workshop is for you.


At the end of this, you'll walk away (or run!) knowing that working out is a form of play, love and exploration!


What Our WILDR Crew Says


I've worked with hundreds of clients helping them lose weight, build muscle, and reduce pain and injury all while climbing mountains, competing in marathons, and creating a new definition of an adventurous life.

But over the years, I've found that we tell ourselves stories about our health and fitness that stop progress.


We create stories about our fitness and tie our values to them. And it's these stories that can stop us from reaching success.


If you're tired of feeling disempowered about your fitness routine or even discouraged about starting one, let's stop that today.

Your workouts should be an active step towards enjoying the world around you more completely, so you can lean into life and enjoy it—even when it’s hard!

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