Volunteers! You make this event possible. Watch the madness during the 100m Vertical, Rough Trail Run and Obstacle Course Race. Volunteers receive:

  • Event Swag
  • Buy one get one 1/2 off Tickets for Castle Mountain Resort
  • Early Registration to the 2020 Rough Runner (transferable to another participant)
  • Discounted entry to the 2020 Rough Runner (non-transferable to another participant)


Want to know more?

Volunteering is great fun – meet wonderful people, hang out in a gorgeous place and get a front row view to the madness that is the WILDR Rough Runner. Keep safe and have fun, that’s what we are here for!

Different positions will give you a different view of the course, and require different skills. We want you to use your hidden talents. Check out our descriptions below to see where you want to hang out and help out at the 2019 Rough Runner.

We will have a volunteer meetings before the start of your volunteer time. Please check your email for more information.

Racer Check-in:

Help athletes get checked -in, at our indoor check-in location, and get them stoked on their race. We will set you up to sell merchandise as well. A relaxed indoor location, with endless coffee.

Obstacle Set-up and Teardown:

A wild volunteer position with extra perks. Email Awilliams@www.wildr.ca to help with set-up/tear-down. You will get a sneak peak at the course and a workout at the same time! We make sure we have lots of hands and fun tasks for our Obstacle set-up and teardown volunteers. Set up is Running from May 19th – June 1st, and teardown is June 2nd-June 9th.

Obstacle Observers:

Watch athletes complete obstacles, cheer (they need your encouragement!), and help ensure athletes safety at obstacles. You will have a radio to report any issues, and get to see the athletes complete some awesome tasks!

Timing Champions:

Working our intuitive timing system, you will be positioned at the start/finish. Easily accessible, with a great view of the finish/start area obstacles.

Super Announcer:

 If you are born to yield a microphone, and are good at amping up a crowd, we need you in our start/finish area!

Wonderful Water Watchers: 

This station requires a little more work, as you refill water and help athletes, but you will be the STAR of the course, as athletes will want and need water by the time they get to you.

Finish Cheerers: 

Are you the life of the party? Good at making noise and inspiring runners? Cheerers to bring racers into the finish line are a vital part of our event. This positon is easily accessible.

Other Information:

Rules: We want rough runners to follow the rules and the spirit of SW Alberta. Any mis-treatment of volunteers will not be tolerated. Report racer bib numbers so we can deal with any situations that arise. We will not hesitate to disqualify any racer who mis-treats our valued volunteers.

Obstacles have rules as well, and by not completing an obstacle you are disqualified from the competition for rough running.

Directions to the location:

We are located at Castle Mountain Resort,  please leave extra time to accommodate construction along the way- the road to castle will be paved this summer!

Staying around?: Accommodations are available on location and in the nearby town of Pincher Creek.

Medical Emergencies: As a volunteer, you do not have to treat any medical emergencies. You will have radios to report any issues, and we will send our medical team to help solve any issues on course.