Ladies of the Long Run Story Submission

Ladies of the Long Run is a Passion Project here at Williams Strength and Conditioning. You see, I am always blown away by the stories I hear from women about how the trails have changed, inspired and driven them. I decided that these stories need to be heard, and so I am planning to publish them in a book, titled ‘Ladies of the Long Run.’ It will be a collection of women’s stories about how trail running, and movement through natural spaces in general can empower us, bring us together, and strengthen our bonds with each other, wildplaces, and the world in general.

I would love to hear your story.

After your submission, I will contact you to talk about more details of your journey. There are no constraints on these stories, whether your voice needs to talk about a particular event, about running on a larger scale, or anything in between, please share it- what we need to share is exactly what some else needs to hear.