Never wonder about your workouts again

All of our Programming uses our Adventure-Ready-Model, a unique, science-based approach to getting the most out of each workout!

All of our programs are delivered using an online platform called TRUECOACH- You get access to a coach every day to clarify or ask questions on workouts, every exercise has a video so you know exactly how your coach wants you to complete it, and your coach checks in on you weekly to help keep you focused, motivated and empowered.


Personalized Programming: $150/month

In addition to the once a week-Follow-Along video to do at home along with Coach Alecia,  The rest of your week is fully personalized to you based on the number of days you can work out, the equipment you have available, and your individual injury history. You are fully supported by a coach to keep you accountable leading up to the specific events and adventures on your bucket list.

Every 6 weeks you’ll touch base on the phone with your coach to check on progress and goals.


Preset 8-week Programs: $150 for 8 weeks ($75 dollars a month if un-coached)

Want guidance on how to Workout to get ready for your favorite season but want to workout solo? Online coaching towards the upcoming seasons of fun (8-week program lengths)  will help set you up for success. We are currently offering solo programs to be

  • Trail Running Ready
  • Ski Ready
  • Hiking Ready
  • Adventure Ready (Programming that changes with each season)
  • Mountain Bike Ready


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Kickstart Programs: $90 (Already in another program? Enjoy this program Free)

Get on a roll! 30-day, a highly supported online program that will get you moving and feeling great by helping you commit 30 minutes to your health and fitness per day. Delivered to your email daily and starting small, this program will help you get in the habit of doing daily fun work that will help you set up for a great season of fitness.

Start anytime.


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