Online Training and Programs

Why do we do what we do

We want to welcome everyone to the WILDR community. Our community is built on smiles and hellos as much as it is built on lifting weights and climbing mountains. Health is a family matter, and the whole family is always welcome. We take pride in exploring our home in Southwest Alberta. This place is absolutely spectacular for adventure! We are as committed to keeping our home healthy as we are committed to keeping our bodies healthy.

As you look through our personal training programs, you’ll notice we do things a little differently. This is why!

We believe the point of training is to increase your capacity to interact with the world around you. Working out here won’t mean you say no to a walk in the park, hike up a mountain, or soccer with your friends – it means you’ll be more stoked to do it!

Every workout we do is part of a larger progression, a bigger plan. We move every joint, every day, making sure we are moving well before we add weight or intensity.

We invite adventure and challenge into our workouts – this is adventure fitness training after all! We train outside (even in the wind), but we are not ‘hardcore.’