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Get Ready for the best YEAR yet with UNBREAKABLE. The 6 Month program that will make you ready for any adventure.

This program is CHANGING THE GAME of online training. It is a 6 month program that is custom made for rebuilding your body from the ground up. If you describe yourself as injury prone, have plateaued in your training, or feel like the results of your training never truly STICK to make you the best version of you, then this is your program.

If you find yourself pulled from one program to another, feel shame about working out and want to embody the adventurer you really are, then this is your program. If you do a lot of movement, but want  to build the type of solid foundation that will lead to 80 year old you being JUST as active and mobile, this program is for you.

We are starting from the ground up. We are focusing on a strong foundation, and then ramping up our capacity. We are moving with intention and exploring our bodies capacities, instead of punishing them, or trying to force them into a certain mold.

Building takes focus, and we take the guess work out so you can focus and progress with your training.

Here’s to NEVER WISHING you were more fit for an adventure again.

CHOOSE to pay for entire 6 months up front OR VISIT THIS PAGE to use our Month to Month Billing Option (note: a Monthly Surcharge of 16.66 for processing charged for Month to Month Option).


You will get 5 workouts a week to do ON YOUR SCHEDULE delivered via a coaching software- 3 Strength and 2 Energy System Workouts, with video demos of all exercises and personalized mobility to finish each session, based on your Intro Assessment results.  The ARMED (Adventure Ready Model) Workout will start the week off- It is a fully follow along workout (We conquer it together), and the rest of the weeks workouts are explained in detail with demo videos of each exercises. We help you FIND THE MUSCLES we are working so you adapt and progress.

Pair that with weekly coach support and Check-ins to answer any questions you have and keep you accountable and this program is set to get you in the best shape of your life at home.

When formulating this program, we have 2 goals: 1. To build a strong, stable, adaptable body that can tackle any adventure you desire and 2. To make you more resilient through the entire range of motion your body has.

If you want to make measurable and noticeable changes to your body in the next 6 months and also be ready to climb a mountain, try a new sport, help a friend bury a body, go exploring, with confidence and flair, this is for you.


  1. Added weight: That could be dumbbells, a barbell, a sandbag, or your cast iron pots and pans 😉 A step (10,12 or 14 inches), and a space for yourself, Resistance bands of a few different stretchiness’ and YOU!

2.  TO COMMIT to a weekly schedule that works with your life, preserving time that will pay you dividends in experiences and fun.

Wondering why we do things the way we do? This is why!

  1. We believe the point of training is to increase your capacity to interact with the world around you. Working out here won’t mean you say no to a walk in the park, hike up a mountain, or soccer with your friends- It means you have more stoke to do it.
  2. Every workout we do is part of a larger progression, a bigger plan.
  3. We move every joint, every day, moving well before we add weight or intensity.
  4. We invite adventure and challenge into our workouts. We train outside (even in the wind), but we are not ‘hardcore.’
  5. We welcome everyone; our community is built on smiles and hellos as much as it is built on lifting weights and climbing mountains. Health is a family matter, and the whole family is always welcome.
  6. We take pride in SW Alberta, this place, and our health. Our actions show it!