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2022 Unbreakable – Personal Training Program


Do you want to bring more adventure in your life but does the thought of a hike or trail run leave you feeling breathless? Then this is the program for you!

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Do you want to bring more adventure in your life but does the thought of a hike or trail run leave you feeling breathless? 

Then this is the program for you! Over 6 months, you’ll get a custom program that rebuilds your body from the ground up. We’ll start with the foundations, working on injury prevention and strength before we ramp up your capacity, so you can interact with the world to your greatest ability!

It’s all about moving with intention and exploring your body’s capacity, instead of punishing it. Building your body for a life of adventure takes focus, but this program takes the guesswork out of what movements to do, so you can focus on your progress.

The Nitty Gritty: 

    • An Intro Assessment with me. We’ll go through everything – your goals, any previous injuries, and your mobility so we can build a program for your needs.
    • A weekly Adventure Ready Model (ARM) workout. This is a follow-along workout with me that we’ll conquer together.
    • Five workouts a week based on Mobility, Strength, and Energy Systems delivered via our coaching program, TrueCoach. You’ll get video demos of all exercises and a personalized mobility session for each workout.
    • Weekly coaching support and daily check-ins to help answer any questions and keep you accountable!
    • You Need: Added weight. These can be dumbbells, a barbell, a sandbag, or your cast iron pots and pans. A step (10,12 or 14 inches), and a space for yourself.  Resistance bands of a few different stretchiness’ and YOU!

This program is centred around two goals: To build a strong, stable, adaptable body that can tackle any adventure you desire and, to make you more resilient through the entire range of motion your body has.

If you want to make measurable and noticeable changes to your body in the next 6 months and also be ready to climb a mountain, try a new sport, help a friend bury a body (just don’t tell me!), go exploring with confidence and flair, this is for you!

Here’s to NEVER WISHING you were more fit for an adventure again!

CHOOSE to pay for the entire 6 months upfront or visit this page to use our Month-to-Month Billing Option.