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Create Your Own Adventure Ready Fitness Journey – Downloadable eBook


The Adventure Ready model is perfect for the multi-sport athlete who wants to switch from a single-focus training method to one that provides year-long results.

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Are you looking to add something else to your training but could never figure out what that ‘something else’ was? Do you want to know how to switch from a single-focus training method to one that provides year-round, multi-sport results? Are you in the gym training for a sport or event that’s outside of it?

Then the WILDR Adventure Ready Model (ARM) is the program you’re looking for! With a model that can be applied no matter what type of equipment you have or what space you have access to, the ARMED framework is made for writing adaptable programs that fit your needs.

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Learn about WILDR’s 4 Golden Rules about training and writing programs that are impactful AND sustainable. 
  • Learn about how to select the right workout template based on your current muscular adaptations and where you want to go.
  • Use the essay-to-print cards for creating your own specialized workouts leading up to your favourite sport season or seasons.
  • Learn to stay Adventure Ready all year while improving one specific aspect of your fitness at a time.

What’s amazing about the ARM Model is that you can use it time and time again, no matter your sport, fitness level or goals. So, what adventure are you getting ready for?

Download the Adventure Ready Model eBook today!

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