14 DAY CHALLENGE to get you moving and feeling Healthy and Happy. 

This program is for you if getting movement during the week is tough, you are struggling with consistency, or you want to set a habit of daily movement, mobility and working out.

I was talking with a client about how we can feel a resistance to working out, but once we get moving we realize how great it actually feels (and we ask ourselves, WHY was I avoiding this?). The longer we avoid exercise, the stronger the resistance we feel. You are not alone if you feel this. But, luckily, Committing, with SUPPORT, to 14 days of daily movement practice and fun means reducing that innate resistance and remembering how good it can feel- getting on a roll (a GOOD Snowball), that carries you through to the new year. .


In 14 days you can get on a roll, notice immediate increases in your mobility and movement, and feel confident in your ability to move DAILY.

This Finish Kick Challenge will have you committing 10 to 30 minutes a day for 14 days IN A ROW of physical activity. Some days it is Mobility, some days full strength workouts, and some days a movement challenge (steps or exercise based). What it will do is PROGRAM YOUR BRAIN TO CRAVE MOVEMENT.