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First Weekend in June 2022

The Rough Runner, a three-event mountain running weekend that celebrates the Southern Rockies, in Pincher Creek, Alberta.

An event for the whole family, don’t miss out this year!


T-shirt Deadline: May 3rd at Midnight

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3 Events, 2 Days, 1 Goal

Partake in 1, 2 or 3 of the 2022 WRRR events, at Castle Mountain Resort, in Pincher Creek, AB:

Event 1: Wild Vertical 100m //June 3rd, 8:01 pm//

Vertical 100m Sprint.  A run not for the faint of heart. 8:01 pm the women lead the way with the mass start. after the women finish the men follow suit. This event will be amazing for spectators, as hundreds of men and women sprint up a steep hill in a wild showcase of power. 100m Vertical will be covered, in less than 400m of distance. Our fastest runners will finish in less than 2 minutes.

Event 2: Trail Run //June 4th, 8:30 am//

Trail Run. The route will cover roughly7km of trails. Snow, mud, and bears may be encountered along the way. The course will reward runners with stunning views. All runners must run with bear spray and a rain jacket.

Event 3: Rough Runner Obstacle Course Race //June 4th, 1 pm-3 pm Start Heats//

Approx. 16-20 obstacles await you on this obstacle course race that combines heavy lifting, hill sprinting, rope climbs and more. Heats of 6-12 will leave at 6-minute intervals from the starting pen. It won’t just be the obstacles leaving you breathless, as Alberta inspires and ignites you.

Kids Obstacle Course Race //June 4th Noon Heats//

10 obstacles over 750 meters, sharing the last bit of the adults’ course, kids will get a sense of the adventure! Kids as young as 3 are welcome. Older children are welcome to take part in the adults’ obstacle course race heats.

Our Rough Runner Event is Possible Thanks To

A Family-Centered Weekend, where Everyone gets to be a little #WILDR

Our trail run, vertical 100m, and Obstacle Course race are by no means easy.  You will be challenged, you will be rewarded.

The weekend welcomes the whole family.

History of the #WRRR

The first three years of the Rough Runner have been a #wrrrlwind. Going into our fifth year, we are gearing up to establish the rough runner as a tradition in South Western Alberta.

Our mission is not just to get you outside and test your limits. Our mission is to inspire you to take in breaths of mountain air and provide you access to the world-class mountains in SW Alberta. We are driven to expose you to the Southern Alberta Experience.

Leave you breathless: by the vertical, the views, the obstacles, and the sense of hospitality.

Why Three Rough Runner Events?

We want to see what you are made of and find our Rough Runner of the year. A rough runner is:

Someone who can sprint like a bear up a couloir, endure trails no matter the condition and tackle obstacles on the side of a mountain. They can do so while respecting the wild, the spirit of their fellow rough runners, and their own inner strength.

The award of ‘Rough Runner of the Year’ will belong to the top Male and Female who can complete all three challenges the quickest. But don’t be afraid. We believe in “Challenge by Choice.”

Just want to run the Obstacle Course race on Saturday? Sounds good! Want to tackle the trail run but avoid the vertical 100m? That’s good with us too! You can choose whether you want to participate in 1, 2 or 3 events at this year’s rough runner. Whichever you chose, we guarantee a weekend you won’t forget, in Alberta’s best-kept secret.

The World could use a little more South Western Alberta, and what better way to experience it than running wild through the mountains, and branding your finish medal with new friends?


Located at Castle Mountain Resort, in the MD of Pincher Creek.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Stay?

Castle Mountain Resort, and the Town of Pincher Creek, have some great hotels and bed and breakfasts that you can stay at to fully enjoy the weekend.

To fill your belly, we personally recommend Harvest Coffee House for breakfast, Antonio’s Pizza for the best pizza you’ve ever eaten, and the Tbar grill at Castle Mountain Resort will be open during the event!

Staying on-hill is a great option for Saturday. We recommend Corner Mountain Inn or the Stardust Motel for nice spots in Pincher!

Can you complete the Rough Runner events?

You can! We do have a cut-off time for the trail run-up to Haig lake, as it is a difficult run and we need everyone back and ready for the Obstacle Course Race – however, complete some training and come prepared – you will enjoy the event!

We also offer a few fitness programs that can get you in tip-top shape for the race!

What Should I Bring?

Knowing what to bring is important!

Event 1: Sturdy shoes, and yourself!

Event 2: Bear spray, water and a jacket, runners and anything else you might need when encountering snow!

Event 3: Yourself!

 Is the event family-friendly?

By partnering with Alberta Parks and The Family Centre in Pincher Creek, we have childcare and programming all weekend.