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Ski Ready Pre Season Prep Program.jpg


feel that POP in your turns like it’s mid-season,


after your first day skiing with this

proven 8-Week Program!

Limited spots available

The Ski-Ready 8-Week Program

will help you get the MOST out of winter by guiding you through short, 20-30 minute workouts over 2 distinct phases that are designed to make a difference in your skiing.

“I was able to start the ski season off with longer days and less lower body fatigue out of the gate. [I completed] A week at a touring lodge with 7 days straight of big ski days without needing to take any rest days!”


“[The biggest win I had was] Feeling confident and comfortable on skis right away; the last few prior seasons it took me several days to get my ski legs, and have the endurance for top to bottom runs. Overall, after taking the Ski Ready program I felt more confidence on skis and with better endurance right away.”


No more random workouts that waste your time and don’t make a difference on the hill.


of the season getting into ski shape. 


You need a plan that gives you confidence in your body when you are looking down the steeps.


I’m here to guide you through a more efficient, planned, and sustainable approach to ski training.

So you can...

  • Feel great after your first day skiing!

  • Have your name on the first lift AND last lift of the day.

  • Ski where you want, how you want, and how long you want!

  • Ski through an entire season WITHOUT plateauing.

  • Know what you’re doing in the gym directly translates to your performance on the hill.

  • Have the confidence to ski into your 60s, 70s, 80s (and beyond!)

We use our proprietary, time-tested system, The Adventure Ready Model.


It has helped our clients make progress in the gym for skiing WHILE ALSO staying fit and ready for other adventures.

Inside our 8-Week Program You'll Get

Personalized Intro Assessment.png

Personalized Intro Assessment

Let’s set some specific goals, work through any injuries or movement limitations, and set yourself up for ski success!

Building Strength in Pre Ski Season.png

Weeks 1 - 3: Build Strength

  • Strength Workout 1

  • Strength Workout 2

  • BONUS: Strength Workout 3

  • 1-2 Monocyclic (Cardio-based) Workouts/Week

Deload and Recovery Week.png

The Most CRUCIAL Week of your Training: Deload and Recovery

We'​re going to reduce your volume to allow your body to adapt to the changes we've been making.


Weeks 5-8: Build Power-Endurance!

  • Strength Workout 1

  • Strength Workout 2

  • BONUS: Strength Workout 3

  • 1-2 Monocyclic (Cardio-based) Workouts/Week


Fuel For Adventure Nutrition Check In.png

3-Day Fuel For Adventure Nutrition Check In

Let’s make sure you’re fuelling properly for every day on the ski hill.

WILDR 30 Day Mobility Challenge.jpeg

Improve your Mobility in Just 6 Minutes a Day

6 Minutes a Day. That’s all it takes to start to see amazing changes in your mobility. Being able to move through your entire range of motion is going to make you more resilient on those challenging days on the hill.

WILDR Adventure Ready Mindset Workshop

Getting your Body AND Mind Ready for the Season

I know your body is going to be ready for ski season, but maybe a previous injury or a fall is holding you back. Totally get that! That’s why I’m sharing my exclusive workshop that’s going to help you get your mind on the right track for ski season. You can do this at any time, whenever it fits your schedule

And maybe the best part?

You can do all of this


No need to fancy equipment or to drive

back and forth to the gym.

Get Fit for Ski Season

8-Week Prep Program

Adventure Ready Model Backed 8-Week Ski Program ($300 Value)

  • Includes weekly workouts

  • A private group of other skiing enthusiasts working towards skiing more this season

  • Direct access to your coach for questions and modifications

BONUS: 3-Day Fuel for Adventure Nutrition Check-In ($50 Value)

BONUS: 30 Day Mobility Challenge ($90 Value)

BONUS: 3-Day Mindset Workshop ($60 Value)

Value in a Regular Gym: $2,500.00

Our Total Value: $500.00

Your Price for a Limited Time: $240

Early Bird - Pre-Ski Prep 8 Week Program






Level II Ski Coach

CPT, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology with the High-Performance Specialization 

Bachelor of Kinesiology, University of Calgary

Meet your Coach

Alecia Williams

I’ve always been drawn to outdoor adventure. Elite ski racing, competitive trail running, rock climbing, mountain biking…I love getting outside and interacting with our world! 

With WILDR Fitness, I combine my love for adventure with a research-based approach to fitness training called the Adventure Ready Model. 

With this model, I've been able to accomplish some amazing things!

In 2021, this model helped me finish third for females at the Lost Soul 50km Trail Race.


And in 2022, it also led me and my paddle partner to the fastest ever descent of the Yukon River by a female team in the Yukon1000—1,000 mile paddle race!

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