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Get in Shape for Ski Season

Customized ski training workouts to help you ski strong on any terrain in any condition!

Improve your ankle and knee stability.

"I came to WILDR looking to get ready for a ski touring trip in Chile. My ankle and knees needed strengthening and my endurance needed a bump. I love that the program focused on making me strong specifically for my skiing, and that a female was making my program and checking in with me. My ankle stability and knee stability has improved and the trip was a huge success!"

Ski Ready Participant, RD from Canada

"Last day of my trip in the Alps!! It was so good! With the ski program, my legs were on top of things, I could perform my best skiing I never felt exhausted! I managed the altitude and most important: I had so much fun. My legs are turning into steel!"

Ski Ready Participant, Agnes from France

Build 'legs of steel!'

Have a better experience on the hill!

The program you put together for me really helped with my strength. This is the first time that my legs haven’t been dying at the end of the first day and I was able to ski this morning again and do the Sunshine ski out stopping which is something I’ve never been able to do this early in the season before. Thank you!!!

Ski Ready Participant, Lisa H. from Canada

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Level II Ski Coach

CPT, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology with the High-Performance Specialization 

Bachelor of Kinesiology, University of Calgary


Alecia Williams

I’ve always been drawn to outdoor adventure. Elite ski racing, competitive trail running, rock climbing, mountain biking…I love getting outside and interacting with our world! 

With WILDR Fitness, I combine my love for adventure with a research-based approach to fitness training called the Adventure Ready Model. 

I believe the point of training is to increase your capacity to interact with the world around you, with confidence and without having to worry about injuries. 

This program is all about getting you fit for ski season in the gym for your ski adventures outside.

In This Program, You Get

Ski Ready 8 Week Training Program

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