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Complete that
10 - 20 km hike without stopping!

Imagine being at the trailhead and being excited about the day not dreading the climb.

Feel excited that you had prepared before you stepped on the trail.

Feel confident that you're not going to 'bonk' along the journey.

Be the one leading the group rather than worrying you're feeling like you're holding everyone back.

Complete that dream hike, without having to turn around or stop because you ran out of steam, and with energy to spare to enjoy the journey.
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Join Before June 2!

  • Two live monthly calls to talk about form, equipment, and tips
  • Private and confidential group chat
  • Weekly coaching and daily check-ins
  • Access to our 30 Day Mobility Program
  • Goal Setting and Mindset Workshop
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"I wish I had done more before I started my hike..."

Have you ever said this to yourself at the start of that hike?

I know I've said it to myself a few times.

And that statement can take away all the joy of that incredible hike you're about to go on.

That's why I created this program.

Our Hike-Ready Program helps build the strength and stamina to feel stable on your entire hike. 

But more importantly, you'll have that extra boost of confidence for your hiking season!

Here's what you get.

Based on the hiking training programs I've actually used—for myself and my clients—every workout in this guide has been tried, and tested with actual results.

The Program

This is a strength, endurance, and mobility program to help you get ready for that 10 - 20 kilometer hike.

  • Built on the Adventure Ready Model to build the 5 S's of Strength and 4 S's of Cardio that are transferable to any outdoor activity.

  • Four workouts per weewith video demos of all the exercises.

  • A personalized mobility session for each workout.

  • Weekly coaching support and daily check-ins to help answer any questions and keep you accountable.

Feel ready for your next hike with the WILDR hike training program

Connect with your Peers

Having a PEER and PRO along for the ride are the key to success in any workout program!

  • Get access to our private, confidential, and small group chat on our app so you can connect with people at the exact same place in their hiking journey.

  • Share your accomplishments with the group for that extra boost of motivation.

  • Ask questions about exercises, finding new trails, hiking equipment, and more! 

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Additional Live Workouts

Cause working out together is so much more fun!

  • Join us for two live calls per month.

  • Learn exactly what to do when it comes to your hiking form.

  • Ask questions about equipment choices.

  • Learn how to read and analyze a trail to make smart choices on your hike.

Mobility Options for Hiking.png

We can't forget...

Mobility! Let's improve your range of motion through your whole body in just six minutes a day.

  • Mobility is the super secret to making all these changes last in your body.

  • Get access to our 30-Day Mobility Program, to set the habit of doing mobility session each day. 

  • The best part? These videos are only 6 minutes! A perfect way to end a workout.

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Mountains of Southern Alberta | WILDR

"I did WILDR's 8-week Prep for Hiking program at the beginning of the summer and it was the best decision I have ever made! I had a lot of backcountry trips planned and I was struggling to trust that my body could keep up. Alecia's dedication to my fitness goals was inspiring! Getting into good habits around moving my body in consistent ways and her curated program helped me have an incredible summer! Was the Rockwall trip still tough - yes! But I enjoyed every moment of it - huge thanks to WILDR Fitness!"

Meredith, Alberta, Canada

Alecia Williams, WILDR Fitness Strength and Conditioning Coach.jpg



Level II Ski Coach

CPT, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology with the High-Performance Specialization 

Bachelor of Kinesiology, University of Calgary


Alecia Williams

I’ve always been drawn to outdoor adventure. Elite ski racing, competitive trail running, rock climbing, mountain biking…I love getting outside and interacting with our world! 

With WILDR Fitness, I combine my love for adventure with a research-based approach to fitness training called the Adventure Ready Model. 

I believe the point of training is to increase your capacity to interact with the world around you, with confidence and without having to worry about injuries. 

This program is all about getting you fit for hiking season in the gym for your hike adventures outside.

Join the Program for only $300!

In the gym this training and all the bonuses would
cost over $2,000!
No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
  • Is this program right for my level?
    This program is meant for folks who are wanting to increase their hiking distance this season. It is designed for someone who has a base level of fitness. This means you can comfortably go for longer walks or do light strength activities. I like to think of it this way...if you can lift or move the couch to clean under it, you're more than capable of doing this program!
  • What equipment do I need for the program?
    Things you will need are: - Comfortable shoes for walking and running, - A backpack, - A space to move, - A timer (egg timer or interval timer on your phone) - Some kind of weight; dumbbells, a barbell, a sandbag, or your cast iron pots and pans. - A step (10,12 or 14 inches). - Resistance bands of a few different stretchiness - And YOU
  • What if I have a previous injury?
    If you have a previous injury that makes movement difficult or you're worried about aggravating, I recommend visiting your doctor or physiotherapist first. While this program is designed to help you build strength up gradually, we don't want to make an old injury worse unknowingly. You can also send me a message here to see if this program will still fit.
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