Thanks for Checking our Trail Descriptions:

We want you to feel comfortable getting out on the trails with us. A couple of things to know,

First, we will NEVER leave anyone behind, because that is not cool.

Second, we will always enjoy your company, adding your mix to the trail is always fun. Whether it’s the first or 50th time running a trail, it is the company that makes each time out unique.

We always get a lot of questions about how hard the run will be, how much running we will be doing, and how fast we are going to go.

Although the plan can always change when we are out on the trail (based on the weather, group energy levels etc.), these rating levels will help you decide if you want to join us on the trail:

Terrain Description:


Flat rolling terrain, with relatively wide and rock free trails (ex. syncline cross-country ski area)


Hills for 1/3 of the trail, or moderate hills that can still be run/walked at a comfortable pace, without much exposure (ex. Bovin/Blue lake).


Steeper terrain and the most exposure of what we will run, demanding more balance and surefootedness.

Speed Description:


Walking and running intervals at an easy pace. Group will stay completely together for the entire time. New runners or experienced runners on a long slow distance day who want to run and visit, will enjoy Speed I runs.


All running, with sections of ‘faster’ running, group may spread out a little more (always within eyesight of each other). Newer runners will enjoy staying close to the back of the pack with the trip leader, while more experienced runners will get the chance to push themselves.


FKT running (Fastest Known Time), Speed III runs will include sections of high intensity running. Experienced runners will enjoy pushing themselves on Speed III runs.


If you have any questions, you can give us a call at 403 627 6535, or contact us via facebook (@wildrfit) to find out more.