September (TBD)

A ladies only running camp in the Southern Rockies.

Camp under the stars in Beauvauis Provincial Park with like minded ladies. Discover amazing trails at Beauvauis Provincial Park. Run in the Castle Wilderness. Meet amazing outdoor women from all over the province. Eat well. rejuvenate with massage, stars and trails.

Have an amazing weekend away.

So bring some friends, (you’ll leave with new ones as well,) and join us for an adventurous women’s only weekend only 2 hours from Calgary, but miles away from everyday life!



Camp Cost: $289

Camp Includes:
  • 2 nights Camping
  • Snacks, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches
  • Guided trail runs in Castle Wilderness and Beauvuais Provincial Park
  • 45 min. Massage on Sunday
  • Beer Friday Night
  • Personal Mobility Program to Take Home
  • Running Technique Drills
  • Strength for Running Workouts Technique
  • Great Company, Great Times!
What to Bring:
  • Money for Saturday Night Dinner
  •  Camping Gear (can arrange borrowed gear)
  • Layers for Running and Camping
  •  Runners and Athletic Clothing
  •  Other snacks you prefer during running


What to Expect:



In fun, focused trail sessions you will learn about running technique, your own mobility and strength, how to strength train/recover, and how to plan your runs based on your goals. We combine the science of training with the passion of adventure sports, and our learning sessions reflect that philosophy



Amazing women from the outdoor community and coaches who care about your health and performance will join you on this adventure weekend. 



Through the Castle Wilderness and Beauvais Provincial Park area. Our biggest run will  be a 12km run on Saturday Afternoon, up a stunning valley between Waterton National park and Pincher Creek.  Never run that far before? Contact us and we will help you discover if you can attend!

Eat, Relax, Refresh:

With a 45 minute massage Sunday, phenomenal company, amazing breakfasts and lunches included and a dinner out at the famous Twin Butte Mexican restaurant Saturday, you will come away from camp energised, revitalised and better prepared to tackle more trails at home.


Weekend Program:


4:00 PM Check-in, Set up
6:00 PM Intro run
7:00 PM Change meet for snacks, beer + LTT and KPI session


7:00 AM Morning Run
7:45 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Warm-up
9:20 AM Mobility Testing
10:30 AM Leave for Blue Lake. Pit stop at Harvest
11:00 AM: Strength training session
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Running to Blue Lake
7:30 PM Twin Butte Dinner
9:15 PM Fire and Fun


6:00 AM Sunrise Ridge Run (optional)
7:45 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Running Technique Lecture
10:00 AM Running Technique Practice
11:00 AM Lunch
12:00 PM Round up, Clean up
1:45:00 PM- 4 PM Massages (45 minute *3) and Small Group Mobility

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I experienced/fit enough?

Chances are, Yes! Although our longest run is close to 12 km (on Saturday), we have allotted time and staff to accommodate all levels of runner. It would be a good idea to have tackled 12 km before, on a trail setting. If you are worried, send us an email at events@www.wildr.ca and we can answer your questions and talk about if this weekend is a good idea for you.

Where is the camp?

Our base camp will be at Beauvais Provincial Park in the group camping area. From there, we will travel out to different locations in the castle.  There are so many amazing spaces to trail run in South Western Alberta, but we have hand picked a few gorgeous spaces for this adventure!

What will I learn?

You will learn from both the set-up ‘lectures’ and learning sessions. You will learn about your own specific mobility and strength, how to train to improve, and how to plan your training runs. What you learn on the trails, well that’s another story, and we are excited to learn along side you, the mountains have a lot to teach us!