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Be ready for any adventure

Don't hesitate to say "YES!" when someone asks you to go hiking, biking, running, climbing, skiing, canoeing...and everything in between.


 Be fit and ready for whatever life throws at you with our Adventure Ready fitness training programs.

Alecia Williams | Coach and Owner of WILDR Fitness


I’ve always been drawn to outdoor adventure. Elite ski racing, competitive trail running, rock climbing, mountain biking…I love getting outside and interacting with our world! 

This led me to my passion—helping others find adventure in their own lives. With WILDR Fitness, I combine my love for adventure with a research-based approach to fitness training called the Adventure Ready Model

I believe the point of training is to increase your capacity to interact with the world around you, with confidence and without having to worry about injuries. 

From professional mountaineers to amateur hikers, recreational athletes to weekend warriors, WILDR is the perfect place to bring together fitness AND fun. Our community is built on smiles and hellos as much as it is built on lifting weights and climbing mountains. 



Bachelor of Kinesiology, University of Calgary, 

CPT, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology with the High-Performance Specialization 


Alecia Williams | Be Adventure Ready all month! | WILDR

Be Adventure Ready All Month!

Be ready for every adventure with our monthly membership. As part of our crew, you get:

  • 1 Adventure Ready Model Workout/Week 

  • 2 Strength Workouts/Week

  • Access to the WILDR Group

  • Access to Challenges and Swag at Discount

  • The ARM Model Book

  • Exercise Bank

  • Mobility Library 

  • Access to Workshops


What People Are Saying About WILDR

"WILDR has helped me in preparation for two personal challenges. In both cases, I succeeded in meeting my goals and will never forget the view from 5700 meters or trail running with the light both dawn, and the fading full moon to guide me to the finish line. The coaching I received was perfect for my situation; programs planned to fit time that I could realistically devote to training each week and the resources I have available. Thanks again!"

Carey T.

“Shake up your idea of a conventional gym and step into an outdoor-minded approach. Alecia works hard on getting her clients fit for out there.


We run trails, cross-train in winter and smile a whole lot. This is the greatest fitness experience I have ever had and it continues to surprise and challenge me."

Alexandra C.

"WILDR has created a great community for me to learn more about trail running and meet new friends.



Not only has being part of this group helped me achieve my goals, it has given me new ones! I have learned more about proper form and Alecia gives great guidance on how to do exercises correctly."

Anna D.


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