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Alecia Williams | The Adventure Ready Model | WILDR

The Adventure
Ready Model

Perfect for the person who can't say no to a hike, canoe paddle, and mountain climb...all in one day! 

Fitness that helps with every day life as well as the adventures

Trail Running | Woman running up a mountain trail | WILDR

As an outdoor athlete, you have different needs when it comes to your workouts in the gym. 

You need workouts that are short and effective because you’re spending a lot of time doing what you actually love—your sport of choice! 

You’ve also got a lot of different sports happening. 

Maybe your primary focus is trail running, but you get invited out climbing once a week or you randomly jump on a paddle trip because it sounds like a good idea (and it is a good idea!) 

The important thing when we’re training is that we need to make sure we’re ready for any of those situations while improving one specific portion of your fitness at once so that you actually make progress in the gym. 

You want your body to be different a year from now than it is today. So, how do you do all that? With the Adventure Ready Model! 

Fitness is your capacity to interact with the world around you.

Ask yourself these questions.


This week have you...


Been Powerful

Moved your body quickly for a low number of reps. A short sprint, lifted heavy grocery bags to the counter quickly, did a powerful climbing move.

Lifted Heavy

Moved your body weight very slowly with long levers. Loaded mountain bikes into an awkward truck, did a deadlift, squatted your kids!

Felt the Burn

Did 12-30 reps that stimulate muscle building. A ski run where your muscles burn, running or biking a steep hill, hand-mixed a big batch of cookie dough.

Endured (Gone Long)

Long and lots of rep movements. Going for a 30+ minute run, playing a team sport, going for a bike hike.

Explored Your Range of Motion

Moed through your entire range of motion. Watch mobility videos, climb in weird positions, skied with big movements, did pullups.

The long-term plan is more important than any one workout! 

That‘s why the Adventure Ready Model is structured around a 4-step process that will help you create consistent workouts that will make lasting changes to your body and system. 


Step 1: Identify Success 

Step 2: Identify Your Muscular Adaptation 

Step 3: Identify Your Timeline 

Step 4: Fill in the Workout Cards 

The simple 4 step process for training.

Adventure Ready Model Workout Card
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