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Alecia Williams | Hiking in Waterton National Park | Hiking Training

Have an incredible hiking season

Feel strong and confident for hiking season with our 8 Week Hike-Ready Dumbbell Training Program.

For those who can't get enough of the mountains

Do you want to have the endurance, strength, and confidence for any trail?

This hike training program focuses on improving your balance and hip and ankle strength specifically for hiking.


We’re also working on your lactate threshold so hills feel easier going up and down.

If you want to make measurable and noticeable changes to your body in the next 8 weeks and also be ready to go exploring in the mountains with confidence and flair, this program is for you!

  • An Intro Assessment with me. We’ll go through everything - your goals, any previous injuries, and your mobility so we can build a hiking program to your needs.

  • Four workouts a week based on Mobility, Strength, and Energy Systems. You’ll get video demos of all exercises and a personalized mobility session for each workout.

  • Weekly coaching support and daily check-ins to help answer any questions and keep you accountable.

  • You Need: Added weight. These can be dumbbells, a barbell, a sandbag, or your cast iron pots and pans. A step (10,12 or 14 inches), and a space for yourself, resistance bands of a few different stretchiness, and YOU!

The nitty gritty of our hike program

Hiking Training | Woman demonstrating a hip flexor stretch | WILDR
Mountains of Southern Alberta | WILDR

"I did WILDR's 8-week Prep for Hiking program at the beginning of the summer and it was the best decision I have ever made! I had a lot of backcountry trips planned and I was struggling to trust that my body could keep up. Alecia's dedication to my fitness goals was inspiring! Getting into good habits around moving my body in consistent ways and her curated program helped me have an incredible summer! Was the Rockwall trip still tough - yes! But I enjoyed every moment of it - huge thanks to WILDR Fitness!"

Meredith, Alberta, Canada

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