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Hiking Training

The Hike-Ready 8-Week Program Is the easiest way to make sure you have a great hiking season because it’s designed specifically for hikers.

You’ll be guided through short, 20-30 minute workouts over 2 distinct phases that are designed to help you make the most of our short hiking season.

Just press play and FOLLOW ALONG for the entire workout or complete with written instructions and explained videos for each exercise. 

"Did the 8 week hike prep course before tackling the West Coast Trail July 30-Aug 5. So glad we did the course. Alecia brings great energy to the workouts and it made our trip that much more enjoyable being stronger and better prepared!"

Alison, 2023 Hike-Ready Participant

"I participated in the 8 week Hike Ready Program, to get ready to challenge Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park, Maine. I just returned from successfully completing this hike. The terrain was rocky and steep, with parts of the trail taken over by a re-directed brook. I was well prepared, especially for the extended steps up and down. And I'm especially happy to report that the day after, I'm not stiff or sore, with just a hint that I had a strenuous hike. Thanks Alecia!"

Dave, 2023 Hike-Ready Participant

Why This Program?

There are two reasons why this program is a no brainer.


1. We use our proprietary, time-tested system, The Adventure Ready Model that is designed to hit all the areas of fitness needed for hiking. We hit all the areas of fitness: The 5 S's of Strength and 4 S's of Cardio. This is more than just carrying a weighted backpack on walks.

2. The personalized support. Our previous participants were SHOCKED by how much support they received. From personalized mobility, custom mileage goals, and equipment recommendations, I’m here to help you get the MOST out of this program.

So you can...

  • Hike back to back days without slowing down because your knees hurt or you feel tired.

  • Can handle hikes that are longer, higher, or unexpected.

  • Worry less about facing an injury on the scree slopes or those steep climbs.

  • Be strong enough to carry your kids to the top of a mountain.

  • Make the most of the hike trips you have planned.

  • Take in the world around you, not just the ground beneath your feet.

  • Have enough pep in your step to dance down the trails, not just hike them!

Inside our 8-Week Program You'll Get


Personalized Intro Assessment

That personal support I mentioned? Your first day, you’ll complete and record a series of movements that will help me understand any movement limitations we need to address.


We’ll set up a follow up phone or Zoom call to set specific hiking goals and work through any previous injuries to set you up for success!

Hike Strength Workout Example.png

Weeks 1 - 3: Build Strength

You’ll get 3, short and highly focused strength workouts that are only 30 minutes long. They can be done at home with no additional equipment (you have all the things in your house!)

You’ll also get cardio-based workouts each week that hit all 5 aerobic zones. Again, these are no longer than 30 minutes!

  • Strength Workout 1

  • Strength Workout 2

  • Foot, Plyometric, and Hip Workout

  • BONUS: Strength Workout 3

  • 1-2 Monocyclic (Cardio-based) Workouts/Week

WILDR, Foot and Lower Leg Mobility.png

The Most CRUCIAL Week of your Training: Deload and Recovery

This is the secret-secret sauce of the Adventure Ready Model.


We'​re going to reduce your workout volume to allow your body to adapt to the changes we've been making. 

Front Foot Elevated Split Squats

Weeks 5-8: Build Strength- Endurance!

This is where I show you to PROGRESS the workouts as you get stronger. There’s no guessing about where you’re going.

Did we mention that all these workouts are follow-along? Our clients love being able to put the video on their TVs or phones and jump into the workout.

You get a break-down of each exercise before you start, so you know what you’re doing, even if a move is brand new.

  • Strength Workout 1

  • Strength Workout 2

  • Foot, Plyometric, and Hip Workout

  • BONUS: Strength Workout 3

  • 1-2 Monocyclic (Cardio-based) Workouts/Week

And did I mention?

You can do all of this


All the equipment you need, you likely already have in your house.


How are the workouts delivered?

The workouts are delivered through our app, Fit by Wix. Strength workouts are scheduled Monday, Wednesday, with a Bonus Workout on Thursdays. 

Each workout has two options:

1. A full follow along video of the workout (if you like that extra motivation!)

2. A written breakdown of the workout with video demonstrations of each exercise.

Do I have to do the workouts on the scheduled days?


If your workout schedule looks a little different than what we have in the hike program, that's ok. You can complete the workouts on the days that make sense for you.

What equipment do I need?

You Need: 

1) Added weight. These can be dumbbells, a barbell, a sandbag, or your cast iron pots and pans. 

2) A step (10,12 or 14 inches), and a space for yourself. This can be a step on your staircase, a sturdy chair or stool.

3) Resistance bands of a few different stretchiness. Sweaters or leggings work GREAT for resistance bands :)

What if I have a previous injury?

If you have a previous injury that makes movement difficult or you're worried about aggravating, I recommend visiting your doctor or physiotherapist first.


While this program is designed to help you build strength up gradually, we don't want to make an old injury worse unknowingly.

Before you start the program, we will complete a full Movement Assessment, where I can provide recommendations for mobility, exercise and workout modifications.


You can also send me a message here to see if this program will still fit.

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