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Feel strong and ready for your first hike.

Everything you need to get fit and ready for that first hike of the season in a simple 30-day plan. 


For the everyday hiker that is looking to feel unstoppable on the trails. All you need is a backpack, a timer, a space to move, and yourself!


Build strong and powerful legs, stable core and hips, and improved endurance so the view at the top is the only thing that leaves you breathless.

Perfect for the beginner hiker

or the person who wants to get back into hiking!

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"I don't feel as strong as I used to be..."

Have you ever felt nervous or worried that you wouldn't be able to go hiking because you didn't feel like your body could keep up?

Those bits of nerves when someone calls you to go for a hike or that nagging worry that you're going to be super sore the day after.


We've all felt something like this at some point!

That's why I created this guide.


It's a simple strength and mobility guide of what you can do for the next 30 days, so you can feel confident for that first hike of the season. 

Here's what you get.

Based on the hiking training programs I've actually used—for myself and my clients—every workout in this guide has been tried, and tested with actual results.

The Next 30 Days

This is a strength and mobility program with suggestions for cardio, walking or rucking.

  • One to two Strength Workouts per Week

  • One to two Cardio Workouts per Week

  • Suggestions for Cardio Intervals

  • Mobility Follow Alongs

30 Day Hike Program.png

The Strength Workouts

We'll cycle through two strengths workouts. Each workout only needs you and a bit of space to move.

  • Why only two workouts? Because we're building the foundation for an awesome hiking season! Start easy and progress.

  • Each workout takes between 30 - 45 minutes and we're going to make every minute count!

  • Every exercise has a video demonstration of how to do the movement with recommendations for easier or harder variations.

  • As you start to get stronger at the workouts, up the intensity—go a bit faster, add another set, add a bit of weight.

30 Day Hike Program, Strength Program.png

Cardio Options

Walking (or rucking!) your way to success!

  • Let's start to get used to carrying that backpack. Add your backpack—even if it's empty—to your cardio workout so it feels comfortable.

  • Each cardio workout is only between 15 and 30 minutes. 

  • We're going to keep the intensity a bit higher for these cardio workouts to get the most out of each minute!

Cardio Options for Hike Ready Program.jpg

We can't forget...

Mobility! Let's improve your range of motion through your whole body in just six minutes a day.

  • Mobility is the super secret to making all these changes last in your body.

  • Each day, except rest days, you'll get a short follow-along mobility video. 

  • The best part? These videos are only 6 minutes! A perfect way to end a workout.

Mobility Options for Hiking.png
Alecia Williams, WILDR Fitness Strength and Conditioning Coach.jpg



Level II Ski Coach

CPT, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology with the High-Performance Specialization 

Bachelor of Kinesiology, University of Calgary


Alecia Williams

I’ve always been drawn to outdoor adventure. Elite ski racing, competitive trail running, rock climbing, mountain biking…I love getting outside and interacting with our world! 

With WILDR Fitness, I combine my love for adventure with a research-based approach to fitness training called the Adventure Ready Model. 

I believe the point of training is to increase your capacity to interact with the world around you, with confidence and without having to worry about injuries. 

This program is all about getting you fit for ski season in the gym for your ski adventures outside.

Get Your Guide Now

  • Is this program right for my level?
    This program is meant for folks who are wanting to increase their hiking distance this season. It is designed for someone who has a base level of fitness. This means you can comfortably go for longer walks or do light strength activities. I like to think of it this way...if you can lift or move the couch to clean under it, you're more than capable of doing this program!
  • What equipment do I need for the program?
    Things you will need are: - Comfortable shoes for walking and running, - A backpack, - A space to move, - A timer (egg timer or interval timer on your phone) - Some kind of weight; dumbbells, a barbell, a sandbag, or your cast iron pots and pans. - A step (10,12 or 14 inches). - Resistance bands of a few different stretchiness - And YOU
  • What if I have a previous injury?
    If you have a previous injury that makes movement difficult or you're worried about aggravating, I recommend visiting your doctor or physiotherapist first. While this program is designed to help you build strength up gradually, we don't want to make an old injury worse unknowingly. You can also send me a message here to see if this program will still fit.
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